We couldn’t have made it this far without your help. It’s your passion that pushes us forward each and every day. For our 175th anniversary, we’re celebrating you, with stories from our customers, partners, and team members.


“Always consistent, with you guys we know what we’re gonna get.” 

Andrew DicksonTröegs Brewing

Over the years just been continually impressed with the technical team at Hopsteiner and certainly their breeding team and the amount of resources that Hopsteiner has committed to keeping hops evolving and viable and strong.”

Tom NielsonSierra Nevada


“One of the single largest places that Hopsteiner has helped us become helpful was an incredibly thoughtful conversation from the part of Harald…I am so appreciative of the time he took and the great explanation…That expertise he brought was not something he read in a book, not something he picked up in the last month, that’s something he’s been doing for a long time at a high level. The professionalism and the ability to communicate was just fantastic.”

John MalletBells Brewing

“There’s some people that you buy stuff from…and then there are some that are partners that solve problems together….Hopsteiner has definitely been that for us. That collaborative, problem-solving mindset has been as important for us as it probably is for anybody.”

Ryan PetzFulton Brewing




“You have to be a forward thinking company to stay in it as long as they have. They’re a company that knows its business and they do a good job at it…You’re not around 175 years if you’re not doing something right.”

Stacy Puterbaugh | Hops Direct, Puterbaugh Farms

“Our Relationship with SS Steiner began in the 1950’s selling the hop variety Fuggle. We are proud to grow proprietary hops that Hopsteiner has developed to be more disease resistant and have exciting new flavors for the brewers.”

Paul Fobert | Partner, Fobert Farms, Oregon

“As a grower you know what you are getting with Hopsteiner, a well positioned company that has personnel involved and dedicated to helping the growers as much as they can.”

Oliver Schroeder | Partner, Schroeder Hop, Idaho




“I love what I do. That’s one of the major things in my heart…If you like what you do, you’ll never lose.”

Rudy Hurtado Ranch Manager


“I’ve been tromping around in a hop field since I could walk.”

Danny Hallman Ranch Manager 

“I think everybody is a key player in this company…It only works if you have a good team.”

Darren Waytuk | HECA Plant Manager


“We’ve had some awesome customers who have been here since I started with the company…we both started in the industry at the same time…I’ve learned through the years how to really service the industry, what they need, and try to respond as quickly…”

Theresa Reyes | Head Office Assistant


Making the world better beyond just brewing

Innovation is an investment. As our pledge to you for 2021, we are applying our expertise and resources in hops to causes that will reshape our industry and the world beyond brewing. Stay tuned for more. Additional information will be made available as results are published.

Hops to help

COVID-19 Research

With the world caught in a global pandemic, we mobilized our resources to find preventative properties using hops for the deadly coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Our partnership with the University Hospital of Tübingen and the University of Hohenheim is aiming to characterize and evaluate drug candidates isolated from hops for potential antiviral activity. Our intention is to find a way to prevent an infection from COVID-19, as well as support an immune system already fighting the virus. Research involving xanthohumol and prenylnaringenin is already showing promising advancements in regards to the activity of an alcoholic hop extract against influenza viruses.

Fighting ALS


Neurodegenerative Disease Research

We’re looking into new ways to help fight ALS. Using our ultrapure xanthohumol and isoxanthohumol hop products as nutraceuticals, we hope to find a treatment for ALS. Hopsteiner, in partnership with Dr. Gregorio Valdez at Brown University, are looking at ways to help treat ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Keeping Brews Intact


Hop Creep and Biotransformation

With dry-hopping late in the cellaring process gaining popularity among the brewing community, we began investing in research with Dr. Glen Patrick Fox and the UC Davis brewing program to fund and donate hops for their research on hop creep and biotransformation.

175 Years
of Innovation

We’ve come a long way. And we’re nowhere near done yet. From humble beginnings in small-town operations in Germany, to our constant pushes to evolve for tomorrow—explore the past, present, and future of Hopsteiner Hops.

Our story


Simon Heinrich Steiner (1825-1910), together with his father, Heinrich Steiner (1794-1885), established Hopsteiner in 1845, but the Steiner family had been involved in the hop trade long before officially registering.


From humble beginnings, Hopsteiner originated in Laupheim, Germany in 1845. Laupheim was a small but bustling city on the verge of agricultural expansion when Simon and his father formed Hopsteiner.  


Hopsteiner became internationally recognized when Sam Steiner (Simon’s son) expanded dealings in New York.

The New York office experienced quick success, summoning other members of the family to join the firm from Laupheim. The NY office became the center of business and continues to be the location of Hopsteiner’s corporate headquarters to this day.


From 1919-1933, Prohibition was the law in the United States. During these difficult times Hopsteiner expanded it’s Central and South American reach, establishing relationships that remain to this day.


In 1940, hop ranches near Salem, OR and Yakima, WA were acquired. New technologies were emerging and a breakthrough in electronic vibration was discovered for use in removing extraneous matter from hops.

At the same time, exports of North American hops to South America increased significantly.


US expansions continued and additional warehousing infrastructures were added in WA, OR, ID, and CA. The image above is of the original front (main) office and pellet storage warehouse in Yakima, WA that is still in use today. 


By the early 1960s European beer production was booming again, paving the way into hop processing technology and inspiring Hopsteiner to build a methalene-chloride hop extraction plant in Laupheim. Further investments were followed in the USA by a joint partnership in Hops Extract Corporation of America (HECA).


In the 1970s, the beer industry was revolutionized by the introduction of hop pelletization. Hopsteiner opened it’s own pellet plant in Yakima, WA, and being at the forefront of this innovational process. Craft beer was in its infancy but brewers were curious and eager to try a more efficient product. 


Hopsteiner has been at the forefront of hop breeding in the US since the early 80’s. Many years and advancements in technology have since helped ensure – higher yields, superior aroma, and better agronomical sustainability.


In the early 90s, Hopsteiner became the only industry member to invest in both Ethanol and Co2 hop extraction technology. In 1994 we increased our holdings in both extracts by becoming the sole owner of Hops Extract Corporation of America (HECA) and expanding processing capabilities. 


It didn’t take long for our hop scientists to realize the benefits of xanthohumol. Hopsteiner went to work researching and patenting a process to purify xanthohumol for brewing in 2002, and later for functional food and beverages in 2008.


Our product line expanded greatly in the early 21st century. Some new innovations included: A Tetra production plant, Aroma Extract, Noble & Noble+ hop oils, and nine new aroma/high alpha hop varieties from their breeding program.

In addition, several developments and infrastructure investments were made to modernize the processes of hop farming. Hopsteiner became globally recognized in food and safety, earning five new certifications from third party auditors in recognition for quality, performance, and safety. 



Today, Hopsteiner has progressed into one of the foremost globally recognized hop growers, distributors, and processing agents in the world. This year we are proudly celebrating our 175th Anniversary and look forward to another 175 innovating for the future.

Today & Beyond

Innovating the future. What’s next in Hops?

We’ve always been forward thinking, with you and your interests always in mind. Whether we are breeding a new experimental variety, researching ways to add efficiencies to your brewing process, or just making hop selections easier— it is you and our interests that keep us going and with your help, we can create the future of hops together.

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